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Earning money easily filling surveys online. It’s really possible! But… why do you get paid for simply filling surveys online? Many people ask themselves this and that’s why we’ll explain briefly.

Different international companies need the opinion of the consumers to improve their services and products. For example, they are curious to know your opinion about their new product. That’s why they search for virtual possibilities of knowing your opinion. It is very valuable to said companies and thus… they are willing to give compensation so you’ll transmit them your opinion! Opinion list ListWise provides the opinion of consumers and companies together and makes sure you receive the agreed compensation for your opinion.
For example: a big producer of soft drinks wants to know your opinion on its new advertisment campaign. Maybe you don’t think it’s so great. The producer wants to know this in advance because then he is going to make another campaign that is more attractive to you.

Through ListWise you’ll receive an email where they ask you if you wish to participate in a new questionnaire, click on the link and you’ll be redirected to the online questionnaire. Your opinion will be sent anonymously to the soft drinks producer. Once completed, you will be credited to your ListWise account.
Thousands of people preceded you and give their opinions through ListWise to different companies. Do you, too, want to earn money simply by filling out surveys? Register soon and start… today!

How do I register with ListWise to earn money online?

We love comfort and for that reason registering with ListWise only takes 1 minute.

  1. Register filling out the signing up form on the register page.
  2. Confirm your inscription immediately following the instructions contained in the confirmation email.

Ready to start earning money online

After your registration you start to earn money directly through the available surveys that ListWise provides for you and that you have to fill out.

  1. If there’s a survey available for you you will receive an email.
  2. Click on the link in the email to go to the survey.
  3. Fill out the survey.
  4. The payment or compensation for filling out the survey will be automatically credited to your ListWise account.

Payment of Credit

Receiving your payments in hard cash poundsĀ or in a voucher.
Have you earned enough? Obtain your balance quickly!

  1. Once you have filled enough surveys you can ask for the payment to your account (minimum amount: 10 pounds).
  2. Choose the payment method, through PayPal, in cash, or a voucher for or iTunes.