Taking surveys for money is a great way to earn extra cash at home. ListWise links consumers with companies that want their opinions on everything from goods to advertisement campaigns. It has paid surveys with many major companies to help you get the best earnings. Just fill them out to get your free Paypal money. It doesn’t take long!

Why Companies Use Paid Surveys

International companies need to find consumer opinions to improve their products. This has been going on for decades but has become much easier with the internet. Now you can do paid surveys from home. By helping these big companies with your opinions you help yourself. Would you like to earn free Paypal money? Then register with ListWise so that you can take their surveys for money. There are lots of different paid surveys available on all sorts of topics. You will be sent ones that are suitable for your interests and qualifications. Coca Cola, Vodaphone, Danone and Microsoft are just some of the large companies wanting to hear your opinions in these surveys for money. It´s a really good way to earn free Paypal money working from home.

Register with ListWise

Register with ListWise because it provides a platform where you can give your opinion anonymously. This is important. It also makes sure you receive the agreed compensation for giving your views every time a survey for money is filled out. If there is a suitable paid survey available, they will let you know by email. When you have done enough surveys for money, you can take payment in the form of a voucher or free Paypal money when there is at least ten pounds in your account. Points will be credited to your ListWise account with every paid survey you take. Taking surveys for money can enable you to save for something special in a short time. You will soon have lots of free Paypal money in your account.

ListWise favours simplicity. Fill out the form on the subscription page (or on this page on the right) and confirm immediately so that you can begin earning money with paid surveys. You will then receive an email when new paid surveys are available to find out if you wish to participate in a particular one. You will then be able to click on a link which will redirect you to the online questionnaire. All amounts earned will be deposited automatically in your account.

What is Paypal?

Paypal is an efficient and secure way of sending and receiving money online. It allows users to transfer this directly to their own bank accounts or other online funds. The email associated with your panel account must be the same as your Paypal one to enable payment. If you do not have a Paypal account, it is easy and safe to set one up.

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Registering with ListWise… it’s not rocket science! In just three simple steps you earn money filling out paid surveys.

1. Register

Fill out the form on the sign up page or here on the sidebar and you will be directly registered with ListWise. Once registered you automatically receive the surveys you can fill against compensation. You will receive various invitations every month.

2. Earning money filling out paid surveys

To earn money for real you need to click on the link you’ll find on the invitation email. If you accept the invitation received through email you will be redirected to the pertinent survey. Answering the questions you help big companies who wish to know your opinion. For each survey filled you will obtain a certain compensation. This compensation is predetermined for each survey.

3. Money earned, money collected

For each paid survey you fill out you’ll receive a compensation. The companies value your opinion. The amounts earned will be deposited automatically into your account. Decide yourself if you want to receive the earnings in cash or in vouchers.
Fill out the form below to directly register yourself at ListWise. It is very important to fill in the correct e-mail address. You will not only receive a confirmation e-mail on this e-mail address but also the invitations for paid surveys will be sent to this address.