How to make money as a teenager?

When you think about how to make money as a teenager today it can appear your options are severely limited, especially if you are unable to work regular hours due to educational commitments. Luckily, in these days of advancing technology the ability to make money as a teenager is just a few clicks away.

But how can I make money online if I am still a teenager and I am at school/college?

With ListWiseUk you will quickly discover how amazingly easy it is to make money online fitting in and around your studies. Making money online is ideal for teenagers with busy or challenging schedules. The only tools you need are right there in your hand.

So how can I make money online with ListWise UK?

Think of advertisements you have seen on TV, or online etc. We are bombarded with them trying to sell us everything from beauty products to the latest electronic devices. Ever read the small print!? ‘XX% of people surveyed would recommend our product’. Do they really survey a product? Is it not just hype? Actually these surveys really do take place and that is where you come in! By answering targeted online surveys, specifically geared to the teenage market, you could be instantly making money just for giving your opinion! Millennials are the growing market of today and companies want to know what you think of their products.

How can I start to make money as a teenager?

Making money as a teenager does not require you to fill out countless forms or head out for job interviews. You can sign up today with our online registration then, following a confirmation email and a few quick and simple instructions, you will be making money online instantly.

But I can’t commit to surveys each week?

There is no minimum number of surveys to complete. ListWiseUK send you surveys via email but it is your choice accept or decline the survey. But remember,for each you complete you will receive reward points to redeem. Therefore you control how much money you earn.

I’m not always at home, can I still make money on the move?

One of the remarkable things about this opportunity to make money as a teenager is that you can participate in surveys at lunch break, a free hour during your college day. What better way to spend that time than to make yourself some money. Dull and boring commute to college each day? Technological advancements allow you to access the internet on the train, or at the station. In fact, anywhere you can access the internet, you could be making yourself some money!

But what about my details being online for all to see?

Your details are protected and results from surveys are forwarded to clients anonymously. You can make money online in safety and have complete confidence in our data protection.  So you see, this is an amazingly simple way to make money as a teenager. Giving you the ability to make money online without interfering with your education or social commitments. Making money online gives you freedom and spending power purely by voicing your opinion!


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1. Register

Fill out the form on the sign up page or here on the sidebar and you will be directly registered with ListWise. Once registered you automatically receive the surveys you can fill against compensation. You will receive various invitations every month.

2. Earning money filling out paid surveys

To earn money for real you need to click on the link you’ll find on the invitation email. If you accept the invitation received through email you will be redirected to the pertinent survey. Answering the questions you help big companies who wish to know your opinion. For each survey filled you will obtain a certain compensation. This compensation is predetermined for each survey.

3. Money earned, money collected

For each paid survey you fill out you’ll receive a compensation. The companies value your opinion. The amounts earned will be deposited automatically into your account. Decide yourself if you want to receive the earnings in cash or in vouchers.
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