ListWise allows people to fill out paid surveys. Companies are willing to pay in exchange for your opinion. The answers you give on their paid surveys will be used to improve their products and services. ListWise provides a platform where you can give your opinion anonymously about different subjects from different companies.

In ListWise you can decide how many paid surveys you want to receive, from 1 to 6 +/- per week. If at some point you don’t feel like filling a survey you are not obliged to do so. Depending on the length of time you spend on a survey you receive a compensation. The compensation for each filled survey is between 20 cents and 3,5 pounds. Depending on how many surveys you fill in a month the monthly compensation could be over 20 pounds.

Start now filling out paid surveys? It’s possible if you sign up to ListWise United Kingdom. After the registration you earn money directly as a target filling out surveys at your disposal.

Why participate in the research?

The members of ListWise United Kingdom have different reasons to participate in online paid surveys. These go from the useful contribution to society to simply earning money. Next you can find a list of reasons why you would wish to participate in online research. Additionally we have reasons from different participants and we have ordered and displayed them, Of course we would love to know… Why you like participating in the research!

Do you like giving your opinion on diverse subjects? Your opinion is, in fact, very valuable to companies. With your opinion and a small time investment you help companies to develop their products or services or to evaluate their publicity campaign. Filling out surveys through the platform ListWise United Kingdom you really help companies develop because… your opinions really matters! If on top of that you’re compensated for it… that’s super interesting!

Experience with paid surveys

Michael H. (46) from Southampton
“Sometimes I am bothered by the ads of different retailers. Apparently they didn’t adequalety examine what really attracts consumers. That’s why I love sharing my opinion with different companies through ListWise. So that my valuable opinion is heard by the companies which ask for it.”

Kate B. (19) from Cambridge
“Apart from studying I like going out with my friends. The reason why I registered with ListWise is simple. Filling out surveys takes me little time and with the pounds I earn I can afford one more beer ;).”

Patrick D. (54) from London
“As a director of marketing for a technical wholesaler I know how important the consumer’s opinion is. In the office we can think coldly about actions with our team. But the question is if the consumer finds these actions so great. That’s why we always consult with various outside people about our ideas. That gives us valuable information to work in advance. Thanks to being aware of the value of this information I also fill out surveys through ListWise.”

Jill K. (38) from Manchester
“As mother of two, I take care of the household tasks. Sometimes I have a little free time and I use it filling out some surveys I receive through ListWise. I use the money I earn to buy the children little funny toys.”

Start earning now with paid surveys

ListWise likes simplicity, that’s why it uses a simple roadmap to be able to earn money completing surveys. You can register in three easy steps and you can earn your first pounds quickly. To start already follow the next steps or fill out the signing up form on the sidebar. After having registered you’ll receive the first invitations to fill out surveys soon.

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Registering with ListWise… it’s not rocket science! In just three simple steps you earn money filling out paid surveys.

1. Register

Fill out the form on the sign up page or here on the sidebar and you will be directly registered with ListWise. Once registered you automatically receive the surveys you can fill against compensation. You will receive various invitations every month.

2. Earning money filling out paid surveys

To earn money for real you need to click on the link you’ll find on the invitation email. If you accept the invitation received through email you will be redirected to the pertinent survey. Answering the questions you help big companies who wish to know your opinion. For each survey filled you will obtain a certain compensation. This compensation is predetermined for each survey.

3. Money earned, money collected

For each paid survey you fill out you’ll receive a compensation. The companies value your opinion. The amounts earned will be deposited automatically into your account. Decide yourself if you want to receive the earnings in cash or in vouchers.
Fill out the form below to directly register yourself at ListWise. It is very important to fill in the correct e-mail address. You will not only receive a confirmation e-mail on this e-mail address but also the invitations for paid surveys will be sent to this address.