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Why register with ListWise?

If you are interested in earning some extra money… filling out surveys is the ideal way! Anywhere you want you can fill out questionnaires in exchange for compensation. The process of registering is very simple and in three steps… you earn cash or vouchers for your answers!

1. Register

Fill out the form and you are directly registered with ListWise. You will receive questionnaires through email multiple times a month (you can adjust the frequency yourself).

2. Fill out surveys

Answer questions from big companies who want to know your opinion. For each questionnaire you complete you will receive a certain compensation. This compensation depends on the length of the survey.

3. Earn money

The companies which provide the questionnaires pay an amount between 0.20 and 3.50 pounds for every completed questionnaire. You earn that money and you can receive it in cash or in vouchers.